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Latin Art Exhibitions

Presented by TD Salsa in Toronto

Every year, TD Salsa in Toronto presents a Latin Art Exhibition highlighting the most inspiring pieces from Latino and Hispanic artists celebrating Canada’s rich multiculturalism and Toronto’s love for Latin culture.

Bonita (2022)

TD Salsa in Toronto Festival featured the work of nearly thirty visual artists celebrating the beauty of Latin culture through Bonita Fine Art Exhibition at Art of Emotions Gallery from June 20 to July 15, 2022.

Here are a few of the many artists featured at Bonita: Patrick Lumsden,  Jota Rosario, Lydia PanartJudy TarnofskiAdele SteinbergAaron Anaya , Valentina , Michael Denesyk.

Art of Emotions was founded in 2020 by Canadian artist and neuropsychologist Dr. Irina Valentin. The gallery focuses on exhibiting art by professional and emerging artists and art that reflects the artist’s inner emotional state and experience.

Past Art Exhibitions

Clandestinos Art (2021)

TD Salsa in Toronto Festival featured the work of Clandestinos Art on July 10 & 11, 2021 on tln TV and Two visual storytellers, individually known as BRUNO SMOKY and SHALAK ATTACK, started their journey together as Clandestinos Art in 2010. Together they are dedicated to painting murals around the world by creating colourful narratives that unify both real and imaginary dimensions. Clandestinos manifest their creative expression through highly detailed and rendered compositions that combine landscapes, portraiture, and design elements. This award-winning duo has gained international recognition with their unique artistic approach, techniques, and distinct subject matter:   Bruno Smoky, Shalak Attack,   Clandestinos Art  .

Havana 500 (2020)

The 2020 Latin Art Exhibition took place virtually on tln TV and, and featured the Havana 500 collection from the Colombian artist Angel Torres! In his Havana 500 selection, Torres shared his vision and experience with Cuba in 2018. Visiting for the first time, it was a most indelible impression made upon him. For the challenges Cubans face, one can’t help but see the valour and hope with which the people face daily life with so much warmth, art, music and a simple ‘alegria de vivir’! About Angel Torres:   Angel Torres Photography .

Maraca & Mango (2019)

As part of the 2019 TD Salsa in Toronto, event lineup, Maraca and Mango Pop-up Exhibition featured 26 pieces of art from 13 local and international artists. Perfectly combining visual art and Latin American culture, inspiring a cultural fusion of ideas and perspectives. To learn more about the artists connect with them: Alex Scovino, Alicia Hernandez de Coll, Enrique Bravo, Flor De Maria Mejia,Isa Cunanan,Leroi Johnson, Maria Marcela Maciel, Maritza Sanchez, Mauricio Caceres,Mike Brassard, Nelson Ortega Toscano, Patrick W Lumsden, Raquel Fuentes

Plastic Art (2018)

The 2018 Latin Art Exhibition featured a collection from an international Colombian artist, Mao Correa – who produced a series of works with the intent of evoking conversation about recycling and global consumption. View the artwork below.

Carril Bici (2017)

Carril Bici Art Exhibition featured a photographic collection inspired by the Cuban Do-It-Yourself culture for Bike construction. The artist developed the collection during his 10-day trip with no prior knowledge of the culture. The exhibition explores the norms of Cuban culture and brings forth ideas that inspire. View the full story below.