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Shum de Salsa

Join Shum de Salsa on the dance floor and experience Cuban culture, Dance, and Music.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Dailyn Martinez, graduated from the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Espectáculos Musicales, specializing in contemporary dance, musical theatre and cabaret. Dailyn performed and worked as a choreographer in prestigious dance companies, Teatro America and Havana Night Dance Company.

In Toronto, Dailyn became the Co-Founder/Director of Shum de Salsa Dance Company. She teaches Cuban Salsa, Son, and Afro-Cuban dance to adults and youth at a variety of dance studios, including the famous, Lula Lounge in Toronto. Her electrifying dance style seen in many venues in Toronto, leaving an incredible impression to anyone who sees her on stage and to those who have learned Cuban techniques in her classes.

Starring in the Award winning “Sunlight Around the Corner, The Golden Sparrow” directed and produced by Alafia film company, in collaboration with JUNO Award Winner OKAN band and most recently starring with her dancers and choreography for the video release of “Hey Jude” featuring Alexis Martinez, Dailyn continues to stand out amongst many. She is constantly seeked out for her work.

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